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Raihan Nismara

Embark On Your Journey Into Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is about recognizing the importance of designing websites that are accessible to all users, understanding the guidelines and best practices, and implementing inclusive design principles to ensure a more inclusive and equitable digital environment. So, how could we make one? Watch the full presentation of Embark On Your Journey Into Web Accessibility by Raihan Nismara


Hi everyone, greetings from Indonesia, I'm Raihan Nismara, been working as a web developer for more than 7 years now, and I've been focusing my specialization on the front-end side. I like to share things such as knowledge and experience that's why I build my own podcast called codevcast (https://www.youtube.com/@codevcast), sometimes in my free time, I spent it doing sports like running, basketball and skateboarding. Often joining volunteering programs as well, like teaching coding classes, bangkit academy by google and often attending events, speaking offline and online based in Cianjur-Bandung, Indonesia.