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Sashikumar Yadav



Optimising Angular Web App: Achieving a Perfect Score of 100

Speaking on 18:50 at WeWork, 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049320
Achieving a perfect score of 100 on Lighthouse reports is a significant milestone for any web developer. In this session at CityJS Singapore, we will delve into the comprehensive optimization of Angular web applications. We will cover the four crucial pillars evaluated by Lighthouse: performance, best practices, accessibility, and SEO. You will discover:
1. Performance Optimization: Techniques to minimize loading times, improve runtime performance, and ensure smooth interactions.
2. Best Practices: Adhering to the latest and most effective coding standards and conventions to enhance maintainability and robustness.
3. Accessibility: Ensuring your application is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, by implementing inclusive design principles.
4. SEO Enhancement: Strategies to make your application more discoverable by search engines, thereby increasing its visibility and reach. Join us to learn actionable insights and practical tips that will help you push your Angular application to the peak of its potential, achieving that coveted perfect score on Lighthouse.


I’m Senior Software Engineer at ti&m and a passionate community builder. I runs a popular YouTube channel(Let’s Program) with 20,000 subscribers, focusing on MEAN and .NET full stack development. Contributing to open-source projects like ng-angular-popup, with over 2,000 downloads weekly. As an educator, I helps corporate employees master Angular and .NET