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Weiyuan Liu



Making a call via the internet? Let's use Google Cloud and WebRTC!

Speaking on 18:20 at WeWork, 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049320
This session aims to cover Google Cloud and use in a case study - using Cloud Run for WebSocket requests and signaling communication, and Memorystore for Redis to scale WebSocket use, through the use of VPC connector. Through this session, the audience can learn how to deploy serverless instances in Google Cloud, use Redis in serverless setup, and explore WebSocket (something that was not possible with serverless tools in Google Cloud some time ago)


Weiyuan is a Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud, and his day job is to serve as a Senior Engineering Manager at Ascenda, developing the teams and products under his charge. 
Outside of work, he helps to run GDG Cloud Singapore, and also founded "Big O(n) Development", focused on improving and developing the careers of others.