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Elian Van Cutsem

Community Engineer @ The Astro Technology Company


The web can be weird

Speaking on 15:50 at LifeLong Learning Institute
The web is capable of way more than we might think. During this talk, we'll explore some lesser known parts of the web. Did you know you can control the web via webHID or send notes to devices via webMIDI? In this interactive talk we might make some music together, by controlling synthesisers and exploring the wide range of strange web API's


As part of the Astro core team, Elian works in the Developer Experience team specifically focusing on user experience, documentation, and developer guidance. After hours, he organises and attends meetups. Known for his passion, puns, and innovative approach to delivering exceptional user experiences, Elian brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity to his talks. Guaranteed fun on stage.