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Nicole Zhu

Jan AI (Homebrew Computer Company)


Build a Custom AI Studio in 1 Hour

Speaking on 15:00 at WeWork, 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049320
In this Typescript-only workshop, we build a custom AI Studio that can run models, create assistants, and more, completely offline and privately. You will learn: 1. How to run LLMs on consumer-grade hardware (including 8gb laptops!) 2. How to use an AI UI kit to customize a desktop frontend 3. Maximize LLM throughput in high performance or edge environments, and common mistakes We will use CortexJS, an OpenAI compatible, local LLM server that developers can use to build LLM apps. It can be used as a standalone server, a CLI, or imported as a library. Cortex currently supports two inference engines: 1. TensorRT-LLM (for laptops with Nvidia GPUs) 2. llama.cpp (for CPU only laptops) Beginners welcome!


Nicole Zhu is a core maintainer of Jan AI, an open-source, local AI platform, built in Typescript and C++, that's been downloaded over 1Mn times. She co-founded the Homebrew Computer Comany, a robotics R&D lab working on the intersection of humans and machines. Previously, Nicole has worked at Google, GoJek, IDEO and studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford.