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Daniel Ostrovsky

Software Senior Principal Engineer at Dell


AI-Powered E2E UI Testing: Faster Creation, Easier Maintenance

This session will guide you through the advanced field of AI-Powered E2E UI Testing, focusing on how it speeds up test creation and simplifies test maintenance. We'll begin by examining the challenges in generating E2E tests with AI, noting how this differs from the simpler task of creating unit tests. The discussion will then shift to a solution that addresses these challenges effectively. Prepare to see a live demonstration where we'll craft an E2E test using popular tools like Cypress or Playwright.


A seasoned Full Cycle Web Development Expert and R&D Manager, brings over two decades of experience, skillfully leading both local and international development teams from concept to delivery. As a recognized public speaker and blog writer, he also makes notable contributions to the open-source community. In addition, Daniel leads the "NG-Heroes" meetup, creating networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities within the tech industry. Beyond his professional endeavors, he values family time above all else, proudly owning the title of "The Best Developer in the World," humorously awarded by his wife. Combining technical leadership, community involvement, and a strong family focus.