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Thor 雷神 Schaeff



AI in the Browser and on the Edge

In this talk we'll take a look at the awesome open source library Transformers.js which allows us to run pretrained models right in the browser with no need for servers! Additionally we'll explore how we've brought AI inference and LLMs into Supabase Edge Functions, allowing you to run certain AI workloads faster and more cost-efficiently on the Edge!


Thor is a Software Developer, Startup Advisor, and Angel Investor. Having grown up around the SAP headquarters in Germany, he started building websites back in high-school, later studied Computer Science and Media, and interned with Google in London. He joined early Stripe in Dublin, building out various user-facing engineering teams across Europe and Southeast Asia, contributing to open-source software and mentoring and investing in early stage startups along the way. Now settled in sunny Singapore, Thor heads up DevRel & DX at Supabase, helping developers of different backgrounds and skill levels build awesome applications on mobile and web.