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Alex Lakatos

Interledger Foundation


Pay the Web Forward

Speaking on 15:25 at Lifelong Learning Institute
Trying to get paid on the Web today, as a creator, is broken and unfair. 70% of ad spend globally goes to only 2 platforms. Until recently, the Web couldn't natively compete. A new W3C Standard proposal, Web Monetization, uses the Interledger Protocol to enable developers like you to make money from your work in an open, native, and seamless way. And all that with as little as a single line of code!


As the new Technology Lead for the Interledger Foundation, Alex focuses on lowering the barrier to entry into the Interledger ecosystem and driving the adoption of the web standards powering the Interledger protocol. With a background in web technologies and developer advocacy, he's helping organizations in the ecosystem build developer-friendly products while engaging with the developer community at large. An avid traveler, it's likely you'll bump into him at developer conferences around the world. As soon as they start again.