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Amanda Cavallaro



Improve your Web Applications Multi-Factor Authentication

Speaking on 20:00 at WeWork, 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049320
In this talk, Amanda Cavallaro will demonstrate how to use the Vonage APIs for SIM swap detection and verification through SMS alongside Firebase services for hosting, database, and storing logic. The demo application includes a simple bank dashboard and a login form. If the SIM Swap API detects that a phone number was swapped recently, the verification code will not be sent, and additional security measures will be applied. A verification code will be sent via the Verify v2 API to authenticate the user if no recent swap is detected.


Amanda Cavallaro is an Italo-Brazilian developer advocate @ Vonage. She is a Google Developers Expert for the Firebase and ML Cloud Conversational AI categories, passionate about cloud technologies, JavaScript, human-computer interactions, and ambient computing, and loves learning. You can speak to her in Portuguese, English, Italian, and a little Japanese.