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Tan Jin

Maintainer - React ChatBotify


React ChatBotify: Building a Flexible Chatbot Solution

Speaking on 19:40 at WeWork, 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049320
Join us for an in-depth exploration of how React ChatBotify empowers developers to build flexible and highly customizable chatbot solutions. This talk will delve into the motivations behind the creation of React ChatBotify, showcase its design architecture, and demonstrate its versatility in developing chatbot interfaces. From simple automated responses to complex conversational flows with large language models (LLMs), discover how React ChatBotify provides the tools to simplify and elevate the integration of chatbot experiences.


Tan Jin is a full-time platform engineer who enjoys exploring software development in his spare time. His journey into open-source began in 2021, creating plugins to enhance his Minecraft server and address gaps within the ecosystem. He is passionate about contributing to open-source projects and has recently developed React ChatBotify to fulfill the need for a customizable and flexible chatbot solution.