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Daniel Ostrovsky

Daniel Ostrovsky

Software Senior Principal Engineer at Dell


Typescript Meta-Programming from 0 to 100 - workshop

When applications are getting bigger, some tools and features that help to manage this increasing complexity become more required. Let's check some of these features: composition/dependency Injection, runtime type assertions, reflection/mirroring and more, and see how we can use it in real live use cases.
- Understanding Decorators: Introduction to decorators, how they work, and their use cases. - Creating Simple Decorators: Building your first class and method decorators. - Advanced Decorators: Parameter decorators, accessor decorators, and returning values from decorators. - Reflect-metadata Library: Usage in TypeScript for adding and retrieving metadata. - Creating Mixins: Understanding and implementing mixins for class functionalities. - Framework Design Concepts: Planning and designing a simple framework using meta-programming concepts. - Implementing the Core Framework: Developing the foundational elements using decorators.


A seasoned Full Cycle Web Development Expert and R&D Manager, brings over two decades of experience, skillfully leading both local and international development teams from concept to delivery. As a recognized public speaker and blog writer, he also makes notable contributions to the open-source community. In addition, Daniel leads the "NG-Heroes" meetup, creating networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities within the tech industry. Beyond his professional endeavors, he values family time above all else, proudly owning the title of "The Best Developer in the World," humorously awarded by his wife. Combining technical leadership, community involvement, and a strong family focus.

CityJS Singapore 2024, 24-26 July 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events