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UI-licious is a low-code tool for cross-browser testing. UI-licious's core philosophy is "Test User Journeys, not HTML". Write tests as behavior-driven user stories, and target elements using user-facing labels instead of unstable and unreadable CSS / XPATH selectors. UI-licious helps you to create meaningful tests that are meaningful, easy to read, and maintainable.

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Why your browser automation tests are flaky and unstable?

The reason why your browser automation tests are flaky is because of the use of hard-coded CSS / XPATH element selectors. Frontend code is more likely to change than compared to server side code, so why are we still writing tests with specify where the element is based on how it is coded? That's why our philosophy at UI-licious is "Test User Journeys, not HTML". Instead of using CSS / XPATH expression, you can target elements using its user-facing labels, which are generally more stable, and let the UI-licious smart element targeting algorithm determine during the time of execution where exactly is the target element on the page. This makes UI-licious semantic tests more stable and robust and easy to maintain.

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Generate tests with AI

Yea, we get it, we get it... Writing tests is kind of a chore. So we train an AI to write end-to-end tests. Simple describe a scenario to test, e.g. "login to netflix and change password", and let the AI generate the test script with the rough test procedure and the assertions. It's now available on UI-licious. Try it for free!

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